FS19 – Corn & Soybean Straw Bales V1

**Release** Corn and Bean Fodder Textures Square and Round Bales

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FS19 – Ultra Hd Ground Terrain Textures V1

New Ground Terrain Texture. Installation: In the Terrain / Ground folder.

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FS19 – Soil Textures V2

Unzip and readMy second soil texture for your base map.

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FS19 – Soil Textures V1

New soil textures for your map! This is version 1. Soon will be more!

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FS19 – Oat, Soybean, Oilseed Radish, Sugar Beet V1

Last foliage textures from my map – Babrosty

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FS19 – Wheat – Barley – Windrow – Bales – Animations V1

Next textures from my map – Babrosty. This time with bales, windrow and animations.

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