FS19 – Eph Gulle Zubringer Pack V3

Version System ReadyMod for Farming Simulator 19 Slurry feeder pack EPH V2.0.0:– Added stool Dreichachs Kotte barrel– Added turntable Dreichachs homemade (Horsch) barrel– Added in entries V1.0.0:– new decals (corresponding to the original of…

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FS19 – Man Tank Lkw Mit Anhanger V1.0.0.4

MAN tank truck with a tank trailer. Decals selectable (Holsten, Apollinaris, HirschfeldBreu, Borsido) all colors selectable daylight, luminous logo in four colors 110km / h and 33,000 liters filling volume MAN tank truck with a…

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FS19 – Langholz Lkw V1

Hello people and friends from the ls19 forest I have the past days / weeks because MAN Tgs converted from two axles to a three axles and built a stanchion and the Z crane on…

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FS19 – D-754 Truck Pack V1.2

D754 Truck package includes: -D754 Truck, Speed: 80kph -BP-9 Capacity: 9750-15750 l -HTS-80 Capacity: 8000 l -FMSZ-2KT Capacity: 5700 l -T 088CS Capacity: 10000-12000 l -PUT-7 Capacity: 7000 l Changelog: -BP-9 Change support legs…

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FS19 – 1999 Ford F350 V1

Power: 300 Maximum Speed: 120 Price: 8000

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FS19 – Man Plateau Grue Auxiliaire Bleu Blanc V2

We offer this new version to get MAN. It was imperative for us to correct a small design flaw. See the pictures. We have modified the loading ramps to obtain a complete door. So now…

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