FarmCon 18: Modding for Farming Simulator 19 Engine and More! (New Agenda)

The FarmCon 18 is approaching and our program is filling up. Today we would like to present you a further overview of what is to come. Visitors to FarmCon can also look forward to the following programme items:

Workshop: Modding for LS19 engine, features, changes, tips (Stefan Maurus)
With FS19 some things will change for our modders. The engine revisions and some technical changes mean that modders have to familiarize themselves with the new situation. Stefan Maurus will talk to you about these changes and give you some tips for better modding.

Workshop: Modding for consoles (Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner)
Bringing a mod to the console is not always easy. Jan-Hendrik will talk to you about the 10 most common console conversion errors and give you some tips and tricks on how your mod can make it to the consoles.

Panel: General Modding Q&A (Martin Rabl, Manuel Leithner, Marc Schwegler and Stefan Geiger)
You have questions about modding? Here is your chance to ask all these questions and get them answered by our team. Martin will be your moderator and Manuel, Marc and Stefan will answer your questions.

First agenda items confirmed

On July 14th and 15th it will be ‘this time of the year again’. Once again, FarmCon brings together players, modders and developers of the Farming Simulator series. The HORSCH FITZentrum in Schwandorf will be the meeting place for this unique community for two days. Here you have the chance to talk to the developers, watch presentations about the game and improve your modding skills.

We are still finalizing the program, but we would like to give you an overview of some of the program points in advance.

The Farming Simulator Championship is coming to FarmCon
How fast can you press and stack 20 bales? Compete with other teams of three and win great prizes. We will give you more details about the registration procedure in the future, but you better start practicing.

Presentation Farming Simulator 19 (Stefan Geiger and Marc Schwegler) 

The Farming Simulator series goes into the next round. Stefan Geiger and Marc Schwegler will show you the game. Watch the game live in action and get first-hand information about the new features and machines.

Presentation: Sound Design in the FS19 (Laszlo Vincze, Tiago Inácio) 
The vehicles and environment in the Farming Simulator series must not only look realistic but also sound that way. In this presentation, our sound team will show which steps are necessary from recording to the finished sound, which problems and stumbling blocks can occur and which innovations in this regard will be introduced in FS19.

Presentation: LS Community Management (Lars Malcharek) 
Community Manager ‘Lisertan’ gives you an overview of community management in general and leads you behind the scenes of community management at GIANTS Software. Learn what a CM does and how it helps you to improve communication with the company.

Presentation:Textures for FS19 (Marc Schwegler, Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner) 
In this presentation, Marc Schwegler and Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner will provide an introduction to the new material design in Farming Simulator 19. Learn more about the relationship between materials and UVs.

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