FS19 – Avia A15 – A31 L V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Avia A15 – A31 L V1.0 mod download.

Mod contains all Avia upgrades from 1968 – 1975 in the L version ( Flatbed )

There are also a few basic configurations to choose from
– Plastic mudguards / Mudguards in color
– 2 types of bumpers + option with additional lights
– Classic flatbed / Flatbed with tarpaulin / Flatbed extension ( Only for A30 / A31 )

Color configuration
-Frame color
-Cab color
-The color of the roof
-2 configurations for flatbed color

The flatbed can be opened and the tarpaulin retracted – all via Simple IC
The shift lever is located under the steering wheel – it has functional animations, but they are not realistic
The shape of the cabin is not accurate to reality, but it is modified compared to the original model
The flatbed shares the same details/problems as the real model – the A30 has two-piece side panels, the A15 has fenders inside the flatbed.

Original authors: VALVE , Lorex123
I was allowed to edit.

As for the transfer to FS22, it is already being worked on, so don’t send your money to would-be modders like Patrik Antaš, aka “Kalif Zerich”, who just robs people and sells other people’s work that he didn’t even lift a finger.

Authors: Valve, LoreX, MyvaLLL 
Download FS19 – Avia A15 – A31 L V1.0 -

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