FS19 – Barn Selling Point Small V1

FS19 - Barn Selling Point Small V1
This barn is only small, but it can make good profit. The little barn is a sales point for grass products and straw, so you become an animal feed dealer with this barn.

Because you own this animal feed sales station yourself, you naturally make more profit with it than with most sales barns that are owned by others. The price achieved for this small barn is 1.5 times the normal price.

The building for this barn is the smaller part of the functionless barn that you get as a decorative object with the basic game. You can find them mainly in Felsbrunn.

The mods have done their job successfully in my Build and Let\’s Play videos. I\’ve also tried hard to make everything work, but I can\’t guarantee it. Use at your own risk.

Note: The building levels automatically. You should nevertheless level the area beforehand.

Version 0.9:
Error message in the log has been fixed.
The windows are now only lit at night.
The building is now leveling.

Authors:  OmaTana  
File :1014 KB / ZIP 
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