FS19 – Canadian Farm Map – Seasons Ready V6.0

FS19 - Canadian Farm Map - Seasons Ready V6.0
After being away from the game for a long time, I decided to upload fs19 again from steam and play canadian farm map. I realised that many things had stopped working properly. So I decided to build this map compatible with the latest version from steam and share it with you. I tried to keep the map all original. But changes were made to improve it.

Instructions: download FS19_horschPack and FS19_JohnDeere_2410 mods in order to have all vehicles at start.

-Farm area rebuild, horses stall moved to Horse training area (north east).
-New Holmer t4.440 added to store with multifruits to his name, good to harvest all earth fruits .
-Pedestrians at horse training trails, silo at horse training (oat drygrass straw), waterTank
-Lights to alll shelters
-Added pigfood and forage to hayloft at farm
-Corrected small problems found on the map
-Snow mask updated, all roads, farm, commercial buildings are plowed
-All particles system tested
-New pda map and more.

Authors: renebqc  
File :874.6 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Canadian Farm Map – Seasons Ready V6.0 -

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