FS19 – Class Consul V2

FS19 - Class Consul V2
Polish-made combine harvesters for harvesting grain, rape, maize, sunflower and other seed crops.
Manufactured by the harvester factory in Płock between 1970 and 2004.
The name of the model depended on the width of the distributor, the threshing machine (threshing unit), the capacity of the grain tank and the power of the drive motor.
The last 30 combine harvesters with the trade name Bizon Rekord Z058 were manufactured by New Holland Bizon in Płock in January 2004.

Bison combines have been exported to the following countries:
Belarus, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Spain, Pakistan,

USA, Syria, Sweden, Tunisia (not implemented), Ukraine, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy and others.

Power, hp: 68.
Fuel tank, L .: 150.
Storage bunker capacity, L .: 2200.

Authors: modding 
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