FS19 – Cornbelt 16X Without Productions Rc1 V1.2

FS19 - Cornbelt 16X Without Productions Rc1 V1.2
Version 1.0 – RC1
Hello community, hello fans of the Cornbelt,

Version 1.2-RC1
fixed! Parked car at the sawmill away.
revised! All silos at the train stations checked and silo volumes adjusted! Grass, hay & straw have been added.
fixed! Height map was revised times. ONLY FOR NEW PLAY STANDS !!!
revised! The fruits of alfalfa and field grass have been revised and adapted!
revised! The trains have been redesigned and tank wagons have been added. ONLY FOR NEW PLAY STANDS !!!

At last, the time has come! Today I present you the first version of the Cornbelt without productions. Now you can build and design your farm and productions the way you want it.

At this point I would like to thank Kastor again for letting me modify his map and making it available for you to download. Also a big thank you goes to the FED Action for letting me use his europalettes and the boardpalettes.

Now for the details of the map:
The map is a 16x mod map
There are only 65 hexes
There are now 11 forest areas instead.
You will still find 2 BGA’s on the map
There are 17 outlets on the map
You can use the productions of the NF Marsh

Authors: Kastor, ANDYsMODDING  
File :483.7 MB / RAR 
Download FS19 – Cornbelt 16X Without Productions Rc1 V1.2 -

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