FS19 – Cultures Et Productions Map V2

FS19 - Cultures Et Productions Map V2
Now you have 53 factories and building to function and their sales
Productions of: apples, pear, plum, cherry, kirches, wine, perry, cider, plum liquor, planks, pallet, barrel, paper, cardboard, crate, pellets, flour, bread, beers, sugar salt, bread, cream , animal meat clothing, earth fabric, gravel, sand, compost, yoghurt, butter ….. etc … etc

correction pack and map: V2
addition of production plants and their sales around 53
straw straw cows
repositioning fertilizer and pig water …
pig building replacement
moving vehicles
wood trigger
object deletion in the air (brick, wall, bucket …)
error correction for server
regulation of seed flow for carrots and onions
holmerpack fix
instalation of the tipTypeMapping (allows to make heaps of crops on the map for certain new fruits)
correction silos cow
repositioning some trees
various system particle settings
correction of a red bettraves grapple pack error.
suppression of certain collisions
extension of the passage at the level of the works (near the pig farm)
replacing animal stains with manure
correction of certain particles
adding compost on the map to fertilize and provide the greenhouses … etc
optimization pack and map
extension of the building bio_energy (facilte the unloading)
various modification bring ..

Authors: Dragon500  
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