FS19 – Don 1500A V1.1.1

FS19 - Don 1500A V1.1.1
What’s changed:
* shorter unloading pipe.
* new interior.
* improved exterior
* new sounds
* new decals.
* repainted.
* redesigned grain tank.
* other small changes.

Engine: SMD31 (225hp)
speed: 22km/h
fuel tank: 300 liter.
grain tank: 6000 liters.

NumPad 7, NumPad 9 open doors.
in package:
DON 1500A.
three headers: ZHU-6, ZHU-7 for grain cultures, PSP-10 for corn and sunflowers.
header trailer for ZHU-6, ZHU-7.

Authors: Shnurok, MAC, Сергей Даниленков, IGORyaN, Andy Vertlib, Aluha74rus. Kordell, Kestas 
File :140.7 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Don 1500A V1.1.1 - modsbase.com

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