FS19 – Dreisternhof Map V1.0.0.6

FS19 - Dreisternhof Map V1.0.0.6
You now have the opportunity to breathe new life into the old Dreisternhof.
The buildings are still good to start immediately. So spare no time or effort, because you will be rewarded with a beautiful yard and a nice shop.
At the farm are already cows, pigs and chickens. Sheep and horses are at the side yard, which you have to buy first.

On the map you expect:
25 fields
6 meadows
4 outlets
Propagating grass added
Traffic is blocked
Added “snow mask”
Forests for forestry work
Have fun, whether in SP or MP.

-Cow and pigsty processed (the decoration objects are gone)
-Other field textures
-at the two higher levels of difficulty no animals are at the start
-Cotton and sugarcane are back on the map
-small changes

-Improve your own placeable
-exchanged some shelters
-Textures on the side of the road and some dirt roads changed
-Revised landscape
-In the game can now bushes (GRASSTOWN) and decorative grass cannot be drawn renewable (GRASSROUG)be drawn
-Textures of courtyard buildings revised
Except for the new textures on the streets, dirt roads and the landscape, none
new savegame needed

-Textures exchanged on farm buildings
-Improve performance
-new water tarpaulin
no new savegame necessary

-other field textures
-new garage and halls
-new yard silo
-Sleep trigger installed
-various textures changed
no new savegame necessary

-the courtyard has been redesigned with other buildings
-new cowshed
-sheep at the farm
-new cattle dealer
-Horses are now in the barn area
-miscellaneous small changes to the location
-new wool sale

– Different grass texture
– Other map sounds
– New deco elements
– Hofsilo got gates
– Various small changes
No new savegame necessary!

Authors: RitchiF  
File :172.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Dreisternhof Map V1.0.0.6 - modsbase.com

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