FS19 – Engine Starter V1

FS19 - Engine Starter V1
A simple mod to automatically start your vehicle\’s engine when you attempt to drive off.
The \”Automatic Engine Start\” feature of the game is annoying, since it will turn off your lights, stop unloading, as well as stopping your engine, when you leave the vehicle. It\’s also undesirable to have your engines start as you cycle through vehicles. This is why most players turn this feature off. Of course, sometimes you think the engine is started, when it is not (especially if you have sound off), and the game \”helpfully\” tells you to start the engine when you try to drive off. This mod makes it actually helpful, by starting the engine for you.
Note: You need to have the \”Automatic Engine Start\” feature turned \”Off\” in the game settings, for this mod to make any difference.

Authors: Mantrid  
File :15 KB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Engine Starter V1 - modsbase.com

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