FS19 – Ermo Evo Fsv Pack V1.0

FS19 - Ermo Evo Fsv Pack V1
Ermo Evo FSV is a pack of in-furrow and out-of-furrow plows made in Italy from 3 to 5 shares.

This pack contains:
– Ermo Evo FSV 3
Width: 2.2 meters
Price: 15000 € (+ optionals)
Power required: 180 hp

– Ermo Evo FSV 4
Width: 3 meters
Price: 21000 € (+ optionals)
Power required: 250 hp

– Ermo Evo FSV 5
Width: 4 meters
Price: 24000 € (+ optionals)
Required power: 350 hp

-Two operating positions: in-furrow and out-of-furrow
-Dedicated transport position
-Choice of base color
-Choice of rim color
-Work depth (30-40 cm)
-Three types of wheels
-Two types of plowshares

Authors: Mirozed  
File :8.0 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Ermo Evo Fsv Pack V1.0 -

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