FS19 – Euro Farms Map V1.0.0.3

Farming Simulator 19 Euro Farms Map V1.0.0.3 mod download.

Map have:
2 farms (need download Required mods):
– Small and big with cows
– Buying animals
– 7 selling stations
– Buyable lime
– Train
– Vehicle traffic
– Pedestrian traffic
– Ground angle (only for PC)
– Several stages of plant growth
– Open gates – on the mouse button
– New crop textures
– New windrow textures
– New ground textures
– New tree textures
– Header and windrow animation textures
– New appearance of bales and cubes
– Accelerated vehicle traffic
– Water drawing point
– Manure in cowshed (2)
– 19 fields
– Missions on fields
– 10 grass fields
– 7 forest
– 41 lands
– 2 Fallow lands
– A lot of dirt roads
– Collisions on all models
– Hilly terrain
– Small, medium and large fields
– Interactive zones
– Sounds on map
– Lighting on map with shadows
– Paintable textures with grass and bushes
– Seasons ready with mask on ground and buildings
– Manure system ready (work on map, not on models)

– Buildings and ground leveling has been fixed
– BGA silos has been fixed

– Signs has been moved and collision has been deleted
– Lighting has been changed
– Grass texture has been changed
– Liquid problem has been fixed
– Leveling in some place has been correct
– Multri Terrain has been fixed (PC only)
– Traffic has been fixed
– Seasons mask has been updated

– Grass texture LOD has been fixed

Very important.
If some collision should be not work on some models you must sell him, buy and put in the same place on map.

Authors: K03y 
Download FS19 – Euro Farms Map V1.0.0.3 -

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