FS19 – Fazenda Cristalina Map V2.0

Farming Simulator 19 Fazenda Cristalina Map V2.0 mod download.

This v.2 was made by me on FS19, with Authorization from Farming Brazil South (Modding BR), Full credits to the Map Owner on FS15 The entire map was redone, in this version it contains Sugar Mill, 3 points of sale, complete Multfrut ( Sorghum , Feijão Preto , Mileto , Rye and Rice) Credits to the Converter of version 1 in FS19 = Farming Brazil South ( Modding BR) Credits to version 2 of the map in FS19 = BOIADEIRO GAMER Credits to the Creator of the map in FS15 = Pedro Cavalete ( Cavalets Farming ) Good game everyone.

Authors: Boiadeiro 
Download FS19 – Fazenda Cristalina Map V2.0 -

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