FS19 – Field Creator Pack V1.2

FS19 - Field Creator Pack V1.2
This mod has been given a new name because with this mod, not just a single cultivator from Agrisem can create fields, with this update, 90% of the disc harrows and cultivators from the main game now also master this feature. Only slurry incorporation equipment and fertilizer devices are not included in this package. The effect would be simply useless, since newly created fields first need lime.

With this mod you can design fields as you like it. You can use it to break meadows or expand fields and round off square fields. This mod is intended primarily for players on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. For players on PC / MAC I recommend the global mod \”Create Fields with Cultivator\” by Wopster, which automatically equips all cultivators with this function. This mod doesn\’t support the helper function.

Therefore, you should only rent this machines and return it after the work, because the purchase price is just as high as the original, which supports the helper.


+ Rau Polymag 300
+ Kuhn CULTIMER L 300
+ Stara Fox 11 (can sow oilseed radish as a catch crop)
+ Stara Asa Laser CR-DCR 13 (can sow oilseed radish as a catch crop)
+ Horsch Tiger 6 DT
+ Amazone Cenius 8003-2TX Super
+ Horsch Cruiser 12 XLV
+ Bednar Swifter SM 18000
+ Flecicoil ST 820

Disc Harrows

+ TT – Big TT
+ Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer 3000
+ Agromasz BTC 50H
+ Amazone Catros 6002-2 (without Vogelsang slurry pump, because the application of slurry directly after plowing would be pointless, since the newly created fields require lime)
+ Kuhn Discolander XM52 (can sow oilseed radish as a catch crop)
+ Kuhn Performer 4000
+ Väderstad Carrier 835
+ Horsch Joker 12 RT
+ Lemken Gigant 12 S 1600

Power Harrows

+ Rabe MKE 300
+ Kuhn HR 4004

Subsoilers with helper function

These machines are now defined as plows and, unlike most other devices in this package, also support the helper function.

+ Agrisem Combiplow Gold 3M
+ Agrisem Combiplow Gold 4M
+ Kuhn DC 401

Subsoilers without helper function

+ Cultiplow Platinum 8m


+ so far, this mod contained a subsoiler from Agrisem, with this update now 24 machines are available for field creation
+ that\’s why this mod gets a new name
+ the amount of data for this mod was simultaneously reduced from almost 6 megabytes to 120 kilobytes

Authors: Holger Sengstock  
Download FS19 – Field Creator Pack V1.2 -
Download FS19 – Field Creator Pack V1.2 -

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