FS19 – Firewood Processor And Sellpoint V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Firewood Processor And SellPoint V1.0 mod download.

With this machine you can cut tree log to specified length and then split them into small pieces as firewood.
Included placeable sell point where you can sell your firewood and get higher profit (2x than default). It accepts standard wood logs too but profit is the same as in other wood sell points.

– Cut length: 35 – 70cm
– Split options: 2, 4 or 6 pieces
– Input tree log size: max 8m (2 – 6m with selfloader), min diameter: 300mm
– Important: the smaller tree log diameter, the smaller number of split should be done (otherwise wood dissapear)

Loading options:
1. Put tree log directly to feeder with any loader
2. Put tree log to self loader on left side and press load button
3. Using Autoload (Park machine near tree logs pile and press load button)
– You can unload firewood by using belt (adjustable height)
– Current cut length and diameter are displayed in F1 menu
– All controls can be set in your controls settings

Price: 45000 $ / 100 $

KEY_o – Load tree log
KEY_z / KEY_lalt KEY_z – Move tree log forward / backward
KEY_b – Cut tree log
KEY_v – Split tree log
KEY_u – Start / stop unloading firewood
AXIS_CRANE_ARM – Set cut length
AXIS_CRANE_ARM2 – Raise / lower unloading belt
AXIS_CRANE_ARM3 – Set spliting diameter

Authors: kenny456 
Download FS19 – Firewood Processor And Sellpoint V1.0 -

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