FS19 – Fliegl Tmk266 Bull Trailer V1.3

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FS19 - Fliegl Tmk266 Bull Trailer V1.3
The trailer is in its orginal state from Giants from FS17. I converted it to fit the FS19 standards.

Price: 37000 €
Capacity: 32000 litres / 40.000 litres

-color choice for trailer, chassis and rims
-color choice for lateral Fliegl decals in white, red and black
-tire choice (Trelleborg, Michelin) with or withous steering axle
-capacity selection (default and overload)

Due to the changes in V1.1.0.0 a re-configuration of with V1.0 already bought trailers is necessary

-fixed too large foliageBending area at the back
-fixed overhanging fillPlane in the front

-fixed fillplane error with the 40k configuration without side panels
-edited mod description
-drivability adjusted:
a)decreased max. angle of steering axle
b)steering axle can be deactivated via configuration
c)removed standard tire type (only broadwheels available)

-added new colors for trailer and rims
-separate color choice of chassis and trailer
-revised the connectors for dynamic hoses
-added additionals sides panels for the overload capacity (can be switched off)
-added reflectors
-added/changed tires
-added dirt to decals
-added steering axle
-fixed some issues on the 3D model

Authors: TopAce888  
File :5.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Fliegl Tmk266 Bull Trailer V1.3 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Fliegl Tmk266 Bull Trailer V1.3 - modsbase.com

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