FS19 – Fortuna Ftm200 Wfm Edit Update V1.3.0.2

FS19 - Fortuna Ftm200 Wfm Edit Update V1.3.0.2
Fortuna FTM 200 Now with color choice and many different tire configs and movable side flaps.

Hotfix V1.3.0.2:
-Credits adjusted
-Link changed
-Fixed minor issues

Release V1.1.0:
-Color choice added
-BKT tires added
-Vredestein tires added
-Hubs adjusted

Update V1.2.0:
-Fixed steering axle
-New colors added
-Material adapted to the hollow
-Customized rim colors
-Warning stripes changed to Fortuna Yellow
-Fillplane adjusted

Update V1.2.1:
License plate installed
-Fortuna made in Germany logo exchanged
-50 KMH badge added
-Customized rim colors
-Store icons adjusted

Update V1.2.2:
-50 KMH sign adapted (no longer hovers in the tipper & when opening the flap)
-License plate now also fits correctly (sits in place and no longer moves)

Update V1.3.0:
-Fixed tire bug
-Side flap can now be opened with Simple IC
-Fillplane adjusted

Hotfix V1.3.0.1:
-Fixed the collision of the side flap

Authors: [WFM] Leon, Michi | Retaurus, IceBlade | Marcel, Giants Software, [WFM] Modding 
File :29.0 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Fortuna Ftm200 Wfm Edit Update V1.3.0.2 -

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