FS19 – Globalcompany – Potatosorter V2.0

Farming Simulator 19 GlobalCompany – Potatosorter V2.0 mod download.

This Potatosorter sorts washed Potatoes and produces Premium potatoes and pig feed.
– Input: washed potatoes (see required Mods)
– Output:
92% Premium potatoes
8% Pigfeed

The Premium Potatoes can be sold for a more than doubled price at any selling station.

Premium Potatoes will be put into bags of 500 liters. Pigfood will be put into bags of 300 liters. These can be moved by hand. For the impatient ones: now also you can tip the washed Potatoes with a huge Trailer into the sorter. Tested with the Krampe truck trailer.

Production: 6000 liters/hour
Price: 2800€

– Premium potatoes and pigfood will now be produced in bags
– moved playertriggers
– added details
– some small improvements

Authors: no.naim (LSMC), DerElky 
Download FS19 – Globalcompany – Potatosorter V2.0 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Globalcompany – Potatosorter V2.0 - modsbase.com

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