FS19 – Hinterkaifeck Map V1.2

FS19 - Hinterkaifeck Map V1.2
Further development / new edition of the Hinterkaifeck by Team MW

Changelog v1.2.0.0:
All meadows that I found are fertilizable.
Adjustment of the street texture in some places
Large-scale terrain adjustments:
Serious bumps in fields and meadows have been straightened. Flora and fauna partially removed, added or redesigned.
Planted trees and sown grass in various places.
Builder Bob was walking in the small green area next to the sheep. This was now graveled and partially replanted with bushes and trees.
At this point a new shelter was added and if the straw salvage addon is installed, the hall with crane is already in the SP. The hall, including the bagging system, has already been placed in the MP and belongs to the sheep and horse farm.
If you don\’t have the addon in the mod folder, you will get an error in the log for the first time. However, this disappears the next time the game starts.
Adjusted gate trigger at the sawmill to avoid opening and closing the gates when unloading.
The area on the back of the retailer has been enlarged and a second storePlace has been inserted there. Should now be enough that all vehicles can spawn during missions.
Most information signs can now be hidden with the trigger markings.
Map outline has been adjusted or moved a little to be able to use forest areas close to the map edge completely.
\”Bushes\” which was in the trees on the meadow next to field 26 have been changed so that you should no longer get stuck.
Hay and straw pellets entered in the feed silos or storage silos at all farms
Pellets can also be sold in different places (should everything be in the game overview)
Silo displays were pre-placed at the OGF farm and at the BGA. If you want to use these, you need the following Mod ==> Silo Displays
If you do not have this in the mod folder, you will get an error in the log for the first time. However, this disappears the next time the game starts.
Lime, fertilizer and seeds were removed from the farm silo at OGF Hof. After all, there is a silo just for that.;)
Capacities at different silos changed
Adjustments of the collis to different objects
New defaultVehicles.xml (yard is now cleaned up and everything is stowed in the halls)
Hofwerkstätten at OGF – Hof, Cow Farm Old and Cow Farm2 big incl trigger set up. Can be sold separately.
Various fixes at the animal stables. For example, cows now consume their feed evenly.
Various minor changes and adjustments

This is a further development / new edition of the already known Hinterkaifeck V3 from BernieSCS & RichiF.
A few people from our team will continue to provide them with updates and fixes.
To avoid confusion with other offshoots of the map in circulation, this map version was given a new name for the ZIP file.
It is therefore imperative to delete an earlier version of the map from the mod folder before inserting it.
We wish you a lot of fun with this great map.

Authors: BERNIESCS und RichiF ................ Urmodder der Map
McBee, Zetor6245, Crouwler .... Fixes und Umbauten an der Map
The-Alien-Paul ............................. Unterstützung beim Einbau von 62 HighTypes und 32 Bodenwinkel
Chaosfamily ................................. latitudeSeason.xml für die Darstellung der Jahreszeiten
Ifko(nator) .................................... ln10Fix & SeasonsAnimalDeathFix
Wopster ........................................ ManureSystem  
File :808.9 MB / ZIP 
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