FS19 – Holzer Map V1.1.1

FS19 - Holzer Map V1.1.1
Full 1: 1 copy of the village in the Tegernsee valley.
Accurate detailed reproduction, including a height model from Google Earth village forest in a beautiful valley in the Miesbach region of Upper Bavaria.

The map is fully prepared for the seasons:
Season-Mask for permanently installed objects placed in items.xml depending on the change of seasons
Changing vegetation (bushes, trees, etc.).
Adaptation of three-dimensional shrubs and shrubs transferred from LS17 to season 19

The village of Holtz borders in the east with the shores of Lake Tegernsee, and in the west with the foothills of Holzer-Alma. Intermediate areas in the forest are divided into 7 farms in the village. In addition, extensive forestry can work in numerous forest areas.

Each farm can be managed independently. With the help of the land trade, you can also buy the necessary goods, such as seeds, fertilizers, lime, etc.

The following features are included in the map:
A combination of classic LS style with permanently installed courtyards, as well as a new mode with the use of placed objects and terraforming.
Increase the maximum possible number of enclosures for animals from 10 to 32.

Oberreiterhof received a new main building. This is a really nice house with great animation and details. In addition, it already corresponds to the fashion of Seasons, for example, in a snowfall snow blanket on the roof.

Fixed bugs with mechanisms in the store

Authors: ludimusi  
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