FS19 – Hot Pallet Storage V1

FS19 - Hot Pallet Storage V1
HoT Tools
HoT Pallet Storage
Fertilisers, liquid fertilisers, lime, plant protection products and seeds
Here at last a warehouse where you can also see directly what is in it ;
Ok actually, it\’s also 2 bearings

Stock 1:
Assumption: pallets and bulk
Output: Only Pallets

Stock 2:
Acceptance of pallets and Loose
Output: pallets and bulk
Sowing machines, fertilizer spreader, lime spreader, etc. can be filled directly
Storage capacity each 200,000 L
+ 200.000 L in the filling shaft.
Oh the filling shaft, which was last night … expended,
therefore only one marking on the ground
Pallets are ejected around the building.
For blind people, it says what\’s in it…
Cost: 1 Download: / ok 100,000 €
Thank you very much….no I will not make any more bearings for xyz pallets, because each has its own, its own filling volume and not infrequently varying in size…

Authors: HoT online Team  
Download FS19 – Hot Pallet Storage V1 - www.modsup.com

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