FS19 – Ifa W50 Multi V1.2

FS19 - Ifa W50 Multi V1.2
– Vehicle configurable for desired swap trailers:
– W50-L/K (just back wheel drive) or W50-LA/Z (all wheel driven)
– W50-L/S just for semi trailers
– included swap trailers: tippers 2SK, 3SK, chaff construction of type “EAS”, sprayer Kertitox Global M, fertilizer spreader D 035 (also available as salt spreader if seasons is used), manure spreader SzF-5
– FS19 material system
– various configurations: i.e. colors, wheels, decals, beacon lights, motorfoil, covers, …
– animated driveshaft, pedals, wipers
– animated dashboard: starter switch; displays (lighted): fuel, speed, rpm, air, oil pressure, motor temperature
– control lamps: turnlights vehicle, turnlights trailer, battery, high beam;
– simple IC integrated (doors, windows+winders, hatch, motorfoil, turnlights+lever, lights+key, motorstart)
– universalPassenger integrated (passenger seat)
– manureSystem integrated (Kertitox hose connectors)
– many smaller bugfixes and intensive testing performed also regarding smoothless control by AutoDrive and Courseplay.

Copyright remains with respective modders (see credits).

Authors:  - LS-Sonderbauten - Osttechnik-Freunde / Adolf, hier auch besonderer Dank für die aktive Unterstützung - FSH_Modding / Unorby ,Pali97, Mgtsz_haladas, kisgazsi97, Lenartf, Bence_Modding - scripts by Wopster (manure System), Realismus Modding (Seasons compatibility), Ifko 
File :46.7 MB / ZIP 
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