FS19 – Ih Loadstar Cabover Pack V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 IH Loadstar Cabover Pack V1.0 mod download.

It’s a mod I started over 4 months ago, lost motivation a bunch of times, and kinda finished it at a usuable point. No it’s not a proper CO1600-CO1800 model, it’s the frame from the IH transtar from snowrunner with the cab from the IH hotwheels cabover from forza horizon 4, with a bit of work and new parts, the sound is from the snowrunner transtar too, most of the frame and flatbed parts use the original textures from snowrunner too, so yeah that’s mostly it, have fun with the ole girl!

Authors: SebCroteau 
Download FS19 – Ih Loadstar Cabover Pack V1.0 -

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