FS19 – Joskin Tieranhanger V1

FS19 - Joskin Tieranhanger V1
Anyone who buys and sells animals frequently needs an animal trailer. But does it have to be a new device right away? Especially since the animals already cost a lot of money.

I have modded this used animal trailer for virtual farmers who would rather invest in animals than in new technology. Since this Joskin animal trailer is a fairly modern model, it is not very cheap even as a used trailer, but at least it is significantly cheaper than the new model.

The mods have successfully done their job in my Let\’s Play videos. I\’ve also tried hard to make everything work, but I can\’t guarantee it. Use at your own risk.

Authors: Oma Tana  
File :60 KB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Joskin Tieranhanger V1 -

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