FS19 – Kirovets K-700A Pku V0.9.3.0

FS19 - Kirovets K-700A Pku V0.9.3.0
The Kirovets K-700A PKU tractor is a leader for its money. The tractor is bought by experts and connoisseurs who have been playing Farming Simulator 2019 for more than a year.

Immediately about what’s new in fashion Kirovets K-700A PKU. The mods fixed the tractor with additional equipment, and also removed the headlights in one of the versions. Full animation of lanterns and signal lamps, moving levers and other interior details. The work of the camera inside and outside deserves special attention. In the salon, the farmer gets a spacious and comfortable seat. The tractor has working mudguards and hydraulics.

– When buying in the store, it is possible to paint the entire mod K-700A PKU Kirovets and its individual parts.
– Several types of engines are offered to choose from: AMZ V8, YaMZ B12: YaMZ-238 (235 hp), YaMZ-238ND4 (250 hp), YaMZ-240B (300 hp), YaMZ-240BM (300 hp), YaMZ-7512 (360 hp), MZ-7513 (400 hp).
– Four types of wheels: standard, twin, wide Michelin and wide Mitas.
“Kirovets travels at a speed of 50 km / h, it can be combined with almost any agricultural machinery. And it can be bought for 120,000 euros.

Authors: SFM-моддинг, Erlan10, MichaTM  
File :24.8 MB / ZIP 
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