FS19 – Kirovets K7M V2.0

FS19 - Kirovets K7M V2.0
New v2.0
– Corrected Lights in bonnet
– Fix bugs
– Fixed a few textures

It is presented in two versions – standard and premium, with two TMZ and Mercedes Benz engines.

To clean, aging.

for maintenance, the hood and filter are opened on x.

when Using the simpleic mod, the door will open, the window pane, the curtain will be pushed out and the mirrors will be adjusted.

A tool box is attached to the mod, and it is attached near the resistors. when the door is opened, the tractor repair and adjustment trigger is activated and the tractor can be blown with air.

Authors: Cheb_mods , FsModsGaming ,voiyka_13,Aluha74rus , Erlan10  
File :116.7 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Kirovets K7M V2.0 - modsbase.com

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