FS19 – Kuhnaxis 402Fl V1

FS19 - Kuhnaxis 402Fl V1
The Kuhn Axis fertilizer spreader from the game,
but not only for fertilizer, you can also use lime.
Furthermore, he has work-wide-markers,
Fold in or out with the \”X\” key.
is quite practical, I think, to recognize the right width at the beginning, or when fertilization without helper.
the helper works out this way by the way even though he does not need it.

Authors: Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Idee / Konzept: anthu
Tester: anthu  
Download FS19 – Kuhnaxis 402Fl V1 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Kuhnaxis 402Fl V1 - modsbase.com

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