FS19 – Kuhstall 2000 – With Animal Pen Extension V1.3

FS19 - Kuhstall 2000 - With Animal Pen Extension V1.3
Now with Animal Pen Extension! Mutliplayer tested!
(Water addon)
For a small purchase fee, your local installer will set up a water pipe that will help you easily maintain your animals\’ water supply.

[Milk addon]
Are you too busy to deliver your cow\’s milk yourself to the dealer? For a small fee you can ask a local contractor to do this for you at the best available price.
Let\’s just hope that there are no incidents preventing the sale from happening when they want it.

Just walk in front of the tank (ladder) and press Enter !!
But you can also just run through the tank directly to the machine!

That was nice:
TierLimit was lifted by Script (up to at least 5000 cows possible)
the contamination of the feeding trough has been switched off

the new stable based on the standard GIANTS \”Kuhstall groß\” has got new textures and lots of accessories:
Slatted floor installed – solar system mounted
Lely milking robot – Lely milk tank – Kuhkratzbürsten
Illumination (day / night) – increased manure area (for Ropa mouse width)
paved feeding zone – many other decorations + plants
animated stall fans – Milk Awards …

At the moment the number of animals is set to 2048, but can easily be increased to 5000.

Authors: FrankyM  
Download FS19 – Kuhstall 2000 – With Animal Pen Extension V1.3 - www.modsup.com

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