FS19 – La France Map V1

FS19 - La France Map V1
Good morning all. Following the request of when the map will be in DL, if it will be on console or not, here it is the map and not finished testing so there may be bugs on the map, tempis for you may be less pressing close times.

Today I present to you the map \”France V1.0\”, here is a small description of the map:

-35 Fields
-4 Prairie
-3 Cooperative, one of which has PDT / Beetroot
-1 Dairy
-1 Village
-3 Farm (Cow, Pig / cereal, Sheep)
-1 wool sales point
-1 Slaughterhouse

Authors: Axel Modding  
File :346.3 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – La France Map V1 -

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