FS19 – La Provence Map V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 La Provence Map V1.0 mod download.

Who says Provence says lavender. Its why this crop is now cultivable on farming simulator. Incidentally, clary sage is also used. The base of the map is deep Belgium which has been completely revised in order to resemble my region as much as possible. Connoisseurs will find many small details that can be found in reality. Its a taste of FS22.

How cultivated?
It is a poplar reskin and therefore takes up the basic principles of this culture. Start by planting it in the area of a tree planter and filling it with poplar pallets. It is then possible to put fertilizer and weed it.

When harvesting it is imperative to use the forage harvester and cutter bar provided for this purpose which are available on king mods or on the necessary mods part of this map. The harvest must then be sold in one of the two available distillery.

This culture is grown on play at 2m intervals. To simplify your work, use the GPS and if during planting nothing appears, shift until you see the plants appear.

Sage replaces soybeans and is therefore cultivated exactly the same. At harvest time, for more realism, however, it is advisable to use ensile with a direct cut.

I am not a professional and therefore may have some problems

Authors: ModsduSud  
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