FS19 – Large Multi Silo V1

FS19 - Large Multi Silo V1

Added Silo Extension to increase capacity and keep things somewhat realistic with having multiple graineries. Credits also go to Pandahma as it was his Large Multi Silo mod I added this addition too. So this now is a complete Large Silo storage with Silo Extension capabilities.  Will store the following types \”wheat barley oat maize canola potato sugarBeet sugarCane sunflower manure lime seeds pigFood woodChips soybean dryGrass_windrow Grass_windrow straw chaff fertilizer silage\”.

Authors: Giants, Xetoa (Silo Extension), Pandahma (for Large Silo)  
Download FS19 – Large Multi Silo V1 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Large Multi Silo V1 - modsbase.com

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