FS19 – Limited Daily Income V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Limited Daily Income V1.0 mod download.

This mod allows you to limit the income for all farms to a certain daily limit.

What exactly can this mod do?
– Set a limit per day
– An increase of the limit if a farm has earned no money at all on a day
– A smaller increase of the limit, if a farm has earned only little money on a day
– All current limits of the farms are saved in the farms.xml in the current savegame.
– All reset values for the limits can be set in the DailyLimitIncome.xml file in the savegame.

IMPORTANT: All increased limits will be reset to the default limit as soon as you have earned a lot of money on a day!

What counts as income?
– Reward for missions
– Selling crops, bales and animal products
– Selling wood
– Selling animals

What can I not do once I reach my limit?
– Accept any missions on that day
– Nell crops, bales or animal products
– Sell wood
– Sell animals, although it’s still possible to sell animals, but not for profit

Can I still sell vehicles and equipment and trade with other players?

Yes! Selling equipment or a tractor does not increase your capital. When a player gives you money, it is his decision to move you forward.

Ok, but what is the purpose of this mod?

Imagine you have a 24/7 server where players run their farms. Some players have a lot of time and advance on the map accordingly fast. Others have only time to play 2-3 times a week, basicly not much time. Due to the limit, players with a lot of time are slowed down in their financial advancement and by increasing the limit, with no or little profit, it is possible for players with less time to catch up with the other players.

Authors: tn4799, Tensuko 
Download FS19 – Limited Daily Income V1.0 - modsbase.com

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