FS19 – Logset 10F Gt V1

FS19 - Logset 10F Gt V1
Logset 10F GT is a powerful 18-ton forwarder designed for the toughest climates.
Expandable load bay can be widened and the machine has a hydraulic tail section which
provides an extra length. The TOC 2 system together with the AGCO Power engine allow
long work shifts without refueling.

Logset 10F GT comes with a The Smooth Ride cabin suspension solution that does not
contain any hydraulic or electronic components.


Manufacturer: Logset
Max speed: 20 km/h
Price: 375000 €
Power: 300 HP

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Download FS19 – Logset 10F Gt V1 -
Download FS19 – Logset 10F Gt V1 -

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