FS19 – Manitou Mc Wide V1

FS19 - Manitou Mc Wide V1
Manitou ForkLift Mod adding wider and longer forks.
This mod will allow 2 pallets or 4 stacked.

With its curves and distinctive black and red colours, the MC
truck will delight you with its comfort and ease of use, but also with its design.

Duplex mast FVD 33
Price: 37000€
Lifting height: 3.3 m

Duplex mast FVD 37
Price: 38100€
Lifting height: 3.7 m

Duplex mast FVD 45
Price: 39900€
Lifting height: 4.5 m

Wheel variants:
Mitas TR09 / Mitas TR09 Twin
Nokian TRI2 / Nokian TRI2 Twin
Trelleborg TH400 / Trelleborg TH400 Twin.

Authors: Tony  
File :7.9 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Manitou Mc Wide V1 - www.modsup.com

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