FS19 – Masna Dolina Map V1.1.1

FS19 - Masna Dolina Map V1.1.1
Welcome to Masna Dolina! The map is made in a modern Polish climate and contains 3 modern farms, 50 fields, 3 sell points. You will see more after downloading the map! Huge thanks for zielak04 for help on the map!

– Reworked and added new shop “Ursus”,
– Reworked chickens and pigs farm,
– Changed locations of transport mission points,
– Fixed traffic system,
– Fixed incorrect assignment crops to purchase points,
– Lowered price of Grain Silo,
– Added support for Seasons,
– Added new crops – rye, triticale,
– Added new BGA,
– Added wool, cotton and wood purchase point,
– Added mechanic in shop,
– Added sleeping trigger for purchase in store,
– Added qq silo on farm with cows,
– Added 2 types painted cubes,
– Added water triggers on map,
– Fixed textures format,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Added new Chicken Coop and new Pigsty,
– Added new icons: Workshop, Manure Buy Point and Slurry Buy Point,
– Added new PDA,
– Added a lot new sounds,
– Changed Rye and Triticale textures,
– Changed barriers triggers in all sell points,
– Changed angle of opening gate on a farm with cows,
– Fixed overlapping field 19 on road,
– Fixed Dairy,
– Fixed textures format,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Precision Farming support,
– Added new crops textures,
– Added new Animal Dealer,
– Added a new village,
– Fixed textures format,
– Fixed visual bugs.

Map works with Season Mod and Straw Harvest Add-on!

Authors: Pumusieq  
File :346.0 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Masna Dolina Map V1.1.1 -

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