FS19 – Mod Update Pack

FS19 - Mod Update Pack
Many thanks to RD for your very kind donation sir, regards Stevie.

The Case cotton harvester I uploaded the other night was the wrong one. The link several post\’s down has been updated with the correct one now.

FS19 mod update pack by Stevie.

Unzip the downloaded file to get to the mod zips inside, place the update zips into your mods folder.

Includes the following updates and a Claas skinned Hibiscus windrower.


They replace any past versions.

Have fun with them. Remember to remove the old version from your mods folder. If you have the Fendt Tigo in game sell it as it will no longer be available due to a name update. Have a great weekend folks.

Authors: Stevie  
Download FS19 – Mod Update Pack - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Mod Update Pack - modsbase.com

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