FS19 – Muehlenkreis Mittelland Se V1

FS19 - Muehlenkreis Mittelland Se V1
Conversion of the Mühlenkreis Mittelland Map. It has changed a lot and there is a new piece of land added.

Pet trader has moved, two new outlets and a lot of decoration. There is now also a Lohnunternehmerhof. a finished farm with launch vehicles. The forklift at the dealer can not sell but he is at your disposal.
To play the card you need the following mods:
1. click_here
2. click_here
3. click_here
4. click_here
5. click_here
6. click_here
7. click_here

Authors: D4rkfr34k
Download FS19 – Muehlenkreis Mittelland Se V1 -

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