FS19 – Multi Filling Station V4

FS19 - Multi Filling Station V4
Multi Filling station, Here you can buy anything you’d like.
The delivery people take 10%, and 15% on any crop harvest.

Warning stripes can be turned on & off with a convenient button.

Price: 10.000€
Size: 6×9.5 Meters

-The Buildings supports “Seasons”, “Courseplay Six” & “MaizePlus”.

– Added Bumpmap and Specmap to Decals.

– Fixed Radiating light from light pole, this previously just illuminated.
– Added L10N functions and name so it’s more understandable for all people, this was prevoisly just in english.
– Updated the mod with more languages.

– Created completely new Decal Texture, fitting all decals in one file (performance).
– Added warning stripes in load area.
– Added Shaders & Alpha blending, also reflecting on desired areas.

– Updated to support Seasons mod better.

– Added button for warning stripes, these can now be turned off without using the UI.
– Added support for some mod Filltypes.
– Added support for MaizePlus.

Changelog Final:
– New signs, decals & new unload anim.
– Created new store icons and mod icon.
– Due to some inquiries about the trigger size, we have made this bigger so its easier to find it.
– We also added a fill marker witch lights up, this can be turned on & off at the switchbox.
– Added switches for Lights and added sound to the switches.
– Fixed a minor issue with the light.
– Created a gold version of it, so now we have 3 to choose from.
– Adjusted leveling area.
– Cleaned up the folder a bit, making it use less performance on consoles.

Authors: EDGE Gaming  
File :6.2 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Multi Filling Station V4 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Multi Filling Station V4 - modsbase.com

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