FS19 – Never Land Map V3.3

FS19 - Never Land Map V3.3
I am pleased to introduce you to my map.

Version 3.3
Cabbage red cabbage salad melons pumpkin and tomato pallets inscribed in map and sales
H milk cream and sour cream in map and sales registered
Rama and butter pallets entered in map and sales
Greenhouses Installed
Dairy Installed
Diesel Factory Installed
Signs of Preparations Installed
Pda picture newly made
All player triggers removed from the preparations
Various changes to the preparations
Sugar factory crap issue fixed
Fish farming and cigarette manufacturing rebuilt
Water in filling station registered at the dealer
Removed water hole (please remove watertank from items)

It was rebuilt from scratch and is fictitious.
The map has 3 woods 6 open spaces (purchasable) 19 fields (purchasable)
Spinning dairy biomass and bga have also found their place
There are 3 outlets (take all fans)
Wind turbines from kastor were installed (thanks for that)
Carrots and onions from gmcw were installed (thanks for that)

Authors: Modell: Oli5464
Textur: Oli5464
Script: Farmer_Schubi
Idee / Konzept: Oli5464/Paul
Tester: Oli5464/Paul
Sonstige: Oli5464/Paul/Farmer_Schubi/mauricespencer  
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