FS19 – Newbrook Farm Map V1.0

FS19 - Newbrook Farm V1.0
Welcome to Newbrook Farm!

This is a small fictional British map inspired by real farms that I originally made for FS13 and I have now converted it to FS19.
It’s a very small map with small hilly fields suited to smaller machines.
The main farm is Newbrook Farm which includes Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Beef Cattle, Chickens, 3 silage pits, grain storage and storage sheds.
The second farm is Brayton Farm it includes just storage sheds.

27 Fields
1 Forest area
BGA Plant
Trading centre with sell points
Small village
Seasons Ready
Precision Farming Ready
Placeable sleep trigger
Pigs, Beef Cattle, Silage pits and Grain Storage can be bought and sold as required.

Hoping you would enjoy looking around or playing on my map.
Feel free to offer any suggestions as these will be used for improvements.

Authors: Peter716  
File :104.5 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Newbrook Farm Map V1.0 -

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