FS19 – Novgorodovka Map V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Novgorodovka Map V1.0 mod download.


1. Fixed the joint between the soil and the asphalt road.
2. Added grass on the dirt road near the stable.
3. Added a drive-through through the breeding factory.
4. Fixed cars on a rural road.
5. Added concrete ramp for milk sale.
6. Fixed road bump stops on all roads.
7. Added a road bump stop at the gas station of the highway.
8. Reduced the amount of material for road construction.
9. Fixed buckwheat textures.
10. Added removal of abandoned vehicles from current lease.
11. Fixed textures of vegetation for the season.
12. Fixed markers in summer barns.
13. Fixed a rising pile in a sugar factory.
14. Added kilometer posts on the track.
15. Fixed soil in different places.

Authors: Роман Лошков 
Download FS19 – Novgorodovka Map V1.0 -

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