FS19 – Obermarktdorf Map V1.1

FS19 - Obermarktdorf Map V1.1
Welcome in Obermarktdorf

Fixed a bug that the map could not be played
Train spline added
Installed two transfer station for train
New details
New fields and meadows
New map edge
Horse yard added
Pig farm added
New tunnel at the cable car
Rebuilt start yard
New traffic signs
Precision Farming Ready

The map is hilly and flat, as well as small lakes, streams and two waterfalls.
You are in a landscape with 70 fields, meadows and forests.
You start with a small farm with sheep pasture, a field and a small forest so that can make the first money through wood sale to continue buying fields.
On the map there is a cable car, ruin, 2 biogas plants, a cowyard and a small hidden mine.
There are also pedestrian, traffic and an animated cable car.
I wish you much fun in Obermarktdorf.

Authors: west Modding  
File :289.4 MB / ZIP 
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