FS19 – Old Kiwi Farm Map V1.1.1

Farming Simulator 19 Old Kiwi Farm Map V1.1.1 mod download.

Here you will find 52 small to medium odd shaped fields thats worker friendly. An easy place to start farming on several average fields. The map has quite a bit of detail where ever you look. This is a old feel to it. It’s losely based on where I grew up here in Hawkes Bay and I invite you here to try out and see if you like it. BGA, Animal dealer and sell points are old and gives that feel of being a kid running around. This map is Seasons Ready and custom Precision Farming Ready. It has extra fruit with custom made textures. It has Placeable areas spread over map for you and is good for multiplayer. Thank you.

Changelog 1.1.1:
-Adjusted prices at BGA.
-Fixed deco foliage so you can now mow it.
-Added custom workshop trigger to main Farm.
-Added deco to shop and other buildings.
-Added White grapes and Kiwifruit.
-Adjusted lighting.
-Fixed minor issues that are not noticeable.

Changelog 1.1:
-This update requires new save game.
-Fixed missing sell point.
-Redone seasons mask.
-Added NZ Flag.
-Added animated animals at Animal dealer.

Authors: Cazz64  
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