FS19 – Port Limbo Map V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Port Limbo Map V1.0 mod download.

A small island lies lonely and deserted in the vastness of the ocean.

New in version
Minor bugs have been fixed

Although it consists largely of rugged mountains, it has a fertile peninsula that, thanks to the Gulf Stream, has a very mild climate. Off the beaten track, Port Limbo was only discovered a few centuries ago when Scandinavian seafarers were washed ashore by a storm. Because of the fertile meadows and the yew groves, they believed they had landed at the seat of the field god Ullr, and therefore called the island Ydalir. They felled trees, built a settlement with a harbor and farmed the land. Gradually other commercial travelers came to Ydalir, but because they couldn’t remember the name Ydalir, they called the island Port Limbo because it is so lost in the ocean. After a fruitful and prosperous phase, Port Limbo is now threatened with decline, because even the last remaining farmer has to give up his farm for reasons of age.
Are you ready to take on the challenge of building a farm on Port Limbo?
As an additional motivation, let me tell you that there are still plenty of untapped meadows and forests on the higher levels of the peninsula. So you could spread out at will on Port Limbo if you feel like it.

What can you expect at Port Limbo?
1 main courtyard
2 more farmsteads, ready for settlement
23 fields
2 meadow fields
11 sales outlets
30 treasures

Authors: omatanaspielt 
Download FS19 – Port Limbo Map V1.0 -

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  1. Issues with saplings growing in cleared forest areas. I cleared loads of forest and tiny saplings with no collision are all over the new field i am creating..

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