FS19 – R.d.c. Map V1.9

FS19 - V1.9
Informative note:
(Summer 2021 “Hot”).

Are you ready for this season? Are you looking for immersion and realism?
Prepare your machinery and enter the lands of R.D.C.FS19.

Go ahead:
Due to the high temperatures, an automatic ventilation system has been installed in all stables.
This ventilation system will start in hot hours. At high temperatures, certain objects will be damaged and you will have to repair them.
Everything that will suffer this type of damage, in the store you will see a repair icon.
The orchards and fruit fields arrive in summer with new functions and will begin production at certain times of the day.
Note: (More information on orchards and fruit fields below).

The perpendicularity of the sun, the time change, the changes in the rain introduced in this season and the added changes in particles, effects and planes, make this summer very immersive.

You can continue with your saved game.

But that is not all. Keep reading to be more informed or informed.

R.D.C is translated into: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
If you like R.D.C and its features, and you want me to translate it into your language. Comment on the official Farming simulator forum.

– This function that I have developed, simulates damage in slurry pumps in stables, or in wells and tanks, offering you another iteration with the environment in R.D.C.FS19. There are no costs in repair.

– Convertible vehicles.

– Readjustments of Capacity / Need and Consumption.
– New operation.

Capacity / Need:
– Water: 30000L
– Manure: 30000L

– Water: 250L / Hour
– Manure: 250L / Hour

The orchards and fruit fields will begin production in a moment of the day. The collection of the fruit, you can start it when the orchard or fruit field activates the warning beacon.
Simply fill the water tank, then fill the drawer with manure and when the beacon is green, place the corresponding box in the area marked No. 3 and enter it as you would enter a vehicle. Then activate the filling.
Repeat the process to continue filling boxes from the orchard or fruit field that you initially purchased, until the orchard or fruit field ceases production.
Note: (I recommend combining it with the pallets added in this update).

Changes in collection boxes:
– Increased the speed of collection.
– Increased capacity to 300l.
– Added digital marker.

– Added frames to the workshop with images of all versions of R.D.C.FS19.
– Summer.
– New bale texturing.
– New texturing of effects, particles and planes of certain crops.
– New drinking fountain in stables.
– New milk deposit in stables.
– Cow barn closed.
– Stable for sheep closed.
– Ventilation in stables.
– New configuration in the orchards and fruit fields collection system.
– Convertible traffic vehicles.
– Complete pack of R.D.C pallets for the transport and sale of fruits from orchards, fruit fields and resin pines. Capacity: 5000l.
Note: (The pack of pallets can be taken by hand if they are empty).
– Mobile deposit R.D.C. For the transport and sale of honey from the hive. Capacity: 5000l.
– Repairs function.
– Rain.
– New schedule.

– Food needs are reduced and the need for water increases considerably.
– The breeds of pigs: Duroc and Pietrain will reproduce without the need for another breed.

– New summer map image.
– New images.
– New summer texturing.
– Added information on the bales. Visually you will know what type of forage or straw it is.
– Small tweaks and fixes in icons and sounds.
– Increased particles in the R.D.C.
– Added dispenser to the fuel tank.
– Almond and cherry trees lose their spring flowering.
– Retouching in translations.
– Changed some store images.
– Changes in the texture of stables, garages, haystacks and other placeables.
– Retouching in the pastry shop.

– Summer: Many sunny days, fewer cloudy days and very few rainy days.
– The rainy days will last between 5 hours and a maximum of 6 hours of the game.
– Retouching in the rain. Much more realistic.

– Fixed crash in long silage bunkers.
– Fixed a couple of trees defying gravity.
– Fixed a small defect in the manure in orchards and fruit fields.

– Not compatible with Seasons.
– Not compatible with Straw Harvest.

Authors: Alberto  
File :520.5 MB / ZIP 
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