FS19 – Rake V1.0

FS19 - Rake V1.0
Hand rake for moving grass/hay.
Can be used to rake grass/hay into rows or just into a big pile.
The rake can be strapped down with tension belts.

How to use the hand rake:
Pick it up, you will have to grab it a little down on the handle.
Point it at the ground, to make it work the best try to keep it a little flat towards the ground and dont tilt it to much.
When you have picked it up and pointed it at the ground just walk backwards slowly or move the rake towards you.
The rake only works while you move it towards you! pushing it away from you will not work the best.

Price: $50
Category: Misc
Brand: Lizard

Authors: GDB  
File :1.6 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Rake V1.0 -

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