FS19 – Real Forestry Machinery Pack V0.2

FS19 - Real Forestry Machinery Pack V0.2
Komatsu 875
Komatsu 931 XC
Ponsse Buffalo
Ponsse Scorpion King
Sampo Rosenlew HR 46
Grimme tracks added
used tracks (rusty) added
tool- follow cameras added
changed steering- ranges
changed exit- points
tilt harvester-heads
(if you can\’t grab a cut tree turn head 180°)
inproved cuttimes
changeable colors for bodies and rims
cutlength up to 16m
higher tree-diameters possible
zukünftig geplant:
improved Particle- effects for sawdust
improved joystick- movement
better support for 2- joystick- movement
delete fixed cutlenghts
procedural sound (saw, hydraulics etc.)
procedural animations

Authors: Modell: Bastisimo0
Textur: Bastisimo0
Idee / Konzept: Bastisimo0  
Download FS19 – Real Forestry Machinery Pack V0.2 - modsbase.com

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