FS19 – Real Seeds Usage V1.1

FS19 - Real Seeds Usage V1.1
With this mod, seeders will use the right and real amount of seed for every crop type.

– Added support for grass, alfalfa and clover
– Added support for rye, triticale, spelt and miscanthus
– Added support for carrot and onion
– Added new translations
– Fixed sugarbeet seed usage

Wheat: 200 kg/ha
Barley: 200 kg/ha
Oat: 135 kg/ha
Canola: 6,5 kg/ha
Sunflower: 5 kg/ha
Soybean: 55 kg/ha
Maize: 19,5 kg/ha
Potato: 1600 kg/ha
Sugarbeet: 70 kg/ha
Grass: 35 kg/ha
Rye: 150 kg/ha
Triticale: 175 kg/ha
Spelt: 125 kg/ha
Miscanthus: 30 kg/ha
Alfalfa: 42 kg/ha
Clover: 36 kg/ha
Carrot: 1,5 kg/ha
Onion: 8 kg/ha

Authors: Knight of Modding, CNH_JD  
File :20 KB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Real Seeds Usage V1.1 - modsbase.com

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